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Game Impression: Virtue’s Last Reward

As I follow up to my Recommendation of 999 yesterday, I felt now would be a good chance to give you my impressions of its sequel: Virtue’s Last Reward, a game I 100% completed this past January. Virtue’s Last Reward … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

I’ll admit it. If I ever came down with some terminal disease or what not, I wouldn’t mind going out by participating in a life-or-death game. Provided whatever death penalty that awaited me was quick and hopefully relatively painless. With … Continue reading

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Noticeable Releases 05/28/13

It’s been a while since we did a Noticeable Release post. Sadly though, there aren’t too many releases I’m familiar with this week and so nothing comes to mind as noticeable. That said, releases are still releases and so I’ve … Continue reading

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Industry Quotes – Don Mattrick on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

“If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.” –          Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business Between this and the previous quote from Adam Orth, I’m extremely saddened by the ideology coming out of high level Microsoft employees regarding what … Continue reading

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Rift Free-To-Play Impressions

I’ll admit; an MMORPG going to Free-To-Play these days is hardly news breaking. In fact, it is more unusual to hear a major AAA MMO these days staying subscription based these days. Aside from World of Warcraft of course. However, … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation: Terranigma

Today, I recommend another old school SNES game that sadly never made it to the US: Terranigma. That’s not to say that the game didn’t get released in English though. Thankfully it got a release in both Europe and Australia, … Continue reading

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Game Impression: Kerbal Space Program (Early Access)

I have to say, the modern era of Indie games out there gives me mixed feelings. Overall, I’m fairly positive about the entire experience. It has never been easier for upcoming and fresh developers to get their product to a … Continue reading

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