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Game Impressions: The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC

Alright, now that I’m back functioning and well once again, let’s talk the latest DLC for Telltale’s The Walking Dead game. As some of you may remember, I quite enjoyed the main storyline for Telltale’s The Walking Dead and am … Continue reading

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Game Retrospective: Warlords Battlecry series

Today I’d like to talk about a fairly obscure RTS game series called, Warlords Battlecry. Based off the turn based strategy series Warlords, Warlords Battlecry was released in 2000 by Strategic Studies Group as an attempt to spin the series … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation: Earth Defense Force 2017

This week, Wednesday’s night update is now Thursday’s morning update! Why?! 4th of July, that’s why! In honor of the holiday off, I thought I’d focus on a game near and dear to my heart that’s all about fighting for … Continue reading

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Xbox 180°

Alright now, I’ll admit that I’m late to this particular party. In more ways than one if you include my lack of a Friday update. However, I still wanted to briefly talk about the relatively recent news of Microsoft reversing … Continue reading

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